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This is a reminder. If you have not moved over to the Dreamwidth communities yet, but plan to stay with the game please do so by the 4th of February or we will consider it an informal drop. The Dreamwidth community can be found here.

The Livejournal communities are now officially




Go here and:



DISCEDO Bask in the sun while it shines because on the evening of the 12th, clouds will begin to darken the skies once again. Throughout JAN 13th, ice and snow will rain down on the city. Through the 14th and 15th, snow will continue to fall, leaving behind about 8 inches of snow.

DISSIMULO Will get a bit of a warning before the snow hits. Gusts of wind will travel south west at speeds up to 30mph. There will be no skipping out on the ice this time around. In fact, Dissimulo's residents may notice more hail and ice than snow. However, the snow will evenly fall from mid-day Jan 14th and taper off through the 15th.

SPERO Snow snow snow! Spero will get the tail-end of the ice storm and see more snow flurries during the 13th. The snow with thicken on the 14th and after the 15th will have about as much snow fall as Discedo.

Tuesday, January 10th - Monday, January 16thCollapse )

Poll Reminder!

Just as a reminder the poll on moving closes this Wednesday at 12:01 am. If you still haven't voted, but want to it can be found here. If you did vote and wish to change your answer(s) you can do so here.

Also just to clear up some confusion, this is NOT a mandatory poll. You do not have to fill out all sections or even fill it out at all. If you don't wish to vote or have no preference on a particular section you're more than free to leave it empty or not submit anything at all. For anyone who can't vote on LJ they can again also give us their vote via email (discedomods@gmail.com), PM Coniurati on Dreamwidth or if there is no other way you can get ahold of us on AIM (bebothedragon [Jenna], shemurai [Ashley], iamcubemun [Maresuke], voidsutra [Cat]).

December Activity Check End!

Go here and:

We do have a 3 day grace period. If there's been a mistake or you've been cut and wish to retain your character you may contact a mod either through leaving a comment on this post or: Mod Contact | Concerns & Inquiries | you may also PM coniurati

Activity Check Final Warning

The following journals listed have not checked in to the Activity Check post. Please be sure to double check the list!

list of namesCollapse )

Please check in here with your characters. Those who do not check in by 11:59 PM EST January 7th will be removed from the game. As always, questions or concerns may be brought up here.


DISCEDO More snow flurries this week. If that wasn't enough, the winds will send a chill down your spine. JAN 4th will have the strongest of gusts, giving everyone an extra difficult time than usual.

DISSIMULO Residents will notice the sun just doesn't want to come out from the clouds again this week. The winds will also carry on through the week, harsher the further west characters travel.

SPERO No special snowflakes for Spero. It's weather will imitate Discedo's closely throughout the week.

Tuesday, January 3rd - Monday, January 9thCollapse )


Go here and:


December Activity Check!

December Activity Check

As a reminder, the requirements have been lowered due to the state that LJ is in!

This check is for all activity from the month of December. Any posts or threads done between the first of December and the 8th of January can be used for it. The activity check will run from January 1st through January 7th. You have until 11:59 PM EST January 7th to check in with all of your characters. Characters who do not meet AC requirements within the allotted time will be removed from the game.

  • New characters accepted from the most recent acceptance round (December 25th) and after will be exempt from this activity check.

  • You may hiatus through 2 consecutive ACs. After that it is required you pass the next one.

  • In the event you will not be around for an AC you may always give your AC requirements to the modteam ahead of time.

  • A reminder will be posted about the check on January 5th listing characters who have not checked in and are in danger of being removed from the game. The activity check ends on January 8th.

    If there are any questions please feel free to contact a mod. Mod Contact | Concerns & Inquiries | you may also PM coniurati

    Requirements are:
    → at least 2 threads (and no more than 4!) that add up to 10 comments from your character
    → the threads must be located in different journals or logs from one another
    → threads must have the correct number of comments at the time you submit them
    → please DO NOT link to a whole post! link the 1 thread you will be using, as we cannot count multiple threads from one post

    Comment to this post with the form below to check in with each of your characters:

    Solstice Plot: Box Opening Duties!

    Your box openers (and saviors and soon-to-be temporary senior citizen population) are:

    Adam and

    We know Yusei wanted to open Discedo's, so Adam, Gellert you two have your pick between Dissimulo and Spero!



    DISCEDO The sun has decided to visit once again, but just long enough to help melt last week's frozen-over snow. Don't get too comfortable, as it'll snow the beginning of next week. Careful, the snow will be bringing along some ice as reinforcements.

    DISSIMULO Unfortunately, won't be seeing as much sun as the other two cities. The skies will break out in small snow flurries on the evening of DEC 28, but will be gone by morning. The sun will peek out shortly before most snow on DEC 31st.

    SPERO Nothing too different from Discedo, except Spero will experience this week's weather a few hours before Discedo does.

    Tuesday, December 27 - Monday, January 2ndCollapse )


    Go here and:

    Just another update to keep everyone informed on what's going on with the game due to the state of LJ.

    There will be a poll put up on January 4th to decide if discedo should move and if so which site (Dreamwidth, Insanejournal, Scribbld, etc). This poll will last one week and close January 11th at 12:01am EST.

    Posting for the Current Plot
    We will allow people to RP on other sites for this plot. While we encourage everyone to use LJ if at all possible to keep the game from becoming spread out and players left out, if the site is simply not working for you (load times are abnormally long, pages simply won't load, etc) you can set up a thread on a site somewhere else to play things out. We do ask all posts be posted to your game LJ though. If you want to set up a mirror post on DW or IJ or wherever you're more than free, but make sure to link it in your post. The same with threads, if you set up a post and someone wants to reply, but LJ isn't working for them so you thread it out on DW instead please try to remember to leave a comment on your original LJ post with a link to the DW thread. You may also use the log comm to post links to threads on other sites just use the same header as normal with a link to the thread rather than the usual cut text. We realize it's extra work, but we'd like to to keep the game as inclusive as possible while still keeping plot participation open to all players.

    December Activity Check
    Due to the state LJ's in (and is looking to remain in for the rest of the month) we will be lowering the requirements for the AC that will take place January 1st through January 7th to 10 comments per character. Each thread is still required to be in a different post. You may use threads played out on other sites as long as they're game threads. We're asking you keep on the honor system here though. If you made a post and threaded out SusyQ's reply on DW, please don't link to both your DW thread with SusyQ and a thread from your LJ post as they're both threads replying to the same post.

    If you are on hiatus or considering hiatusing through this AC please make sure your estimated return date covers through the AC period (January 7th). When checking for hiatuses we go by the date you have listed, if you list your return date as January 2nd, but are actually still on hiatus through the 7th we will not be aware of this and go by your return date. This means you would be marked as not checking in and dropped from the game at the end of AC. If this happens to you you may always talk to us to reclaim your character, but please try to avoid it altogether by keeping your hiatus return date up-to-date. Even if you're not certain you'll entirely miss an AC, we'd rather you be safe and hiatus through the AC period than not and miss it. You may always turn in AC requirements ahead of time or while on hiatus if you have them as well.

    As usual all questions/concerns/etc can be asked on this post!

    Solstice Plot

    It's going to be a long night Fortuna.

    Will you always soldier through?Collapse )

    As usual all questions/concerns/etc can be asked on this post!


    Livejournal and Plot Announcements

    A few announcements to clear up confusion and keep everyone on the same page!

    Currently we're making no calls on the status of where discedo will continue to be played. For now we'll be staying on livejournal, but we will be holding a poll in January for the playerbase to decide a definitive decision (most likely the 4th or the 5th, but we'll give you a hard date as we get into January). We will also be postponing the Game Feedback Meme until after this poll has been completed (it WILL still be held some time in January, we just don't want to start it without being certain of the status of the game).

    For now we've turned on custom comment pages for coniurati and all of Discedo's communities which reverts the comment pages back to the former style. You can do so with your own journals here and we will be removing the part of the application acceptance note requesting players turn them off.

    We were planning to hold an intensive plot December 26th through January 4th, but with the disarray LJ's in at the moment we'd rather postpone this plot until a later date. Our apologies to everyone who shifted chip events and player plot scheduling around to accommodate this plot. We will still be holding a plot some time the last week of December, but it'll be a less involved one than what we had planned. We'll have another announcement on that with more details within the next couple of days as we plan it out!

    You can use this post to bring up any questions and concerns as well as Concerns&Inquiries, contacting a mod or PMing coniurati!


    DISCEDO Temperatures are still dropping and snow continues to fall for the duration of this week. On the evening of DEC 23rd it'll start snowing lightly. Over the next 24 hours the snow will increase, and eventually die down again to small flurries on DEC 26th.

    DISSIMULO Will first be seeing a mix of snow and hail on DEC 23rd. It'll soften itself out and continue to simply snow on the evening of DEC 24th through DEC 26th.

    SPERO Won't be seeing much sun at the beginning of the week. The skies look as though they'll drop snow at any moment and mid-day DEC 23. The rest of the week will be accompanied by more snow, in various amounts.

    Tuesday, December 20 - Monday, December 26thCollapse )


    Go here and:


    Mistletoe Event!


    It's that time of year again, and isn't it starting to look festive? On Sunday December 18th, characters will wake to find the streets lined with decorations o' plenty. Christmas trees, candy canes, gardlands and stockings on every wall you can find, the city is as beautifully decorated as ever. But let's not forget the mistletoe! What better way to end the year than to share a kiss under the mistletoe with a loved one... right?

    kissy faces now!Collapse )

    As usual, all questions/concerns/etc can be asked on this post!