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Hello everyone!! Guess what? The mods now have a shiny new plurk for the game!

Feel free to follow it! We won't be accepting friends (since that's difficult for us to keep track of) but we welcome you to be a fan. Basically this is a completely optional but handy way to keep track of the game with more immediate updates.

Thank you!


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DISCEDO Snow, snow,and MORE SNOW! It's colder than ever and now there are signed of a true winter all around the lake. Discedo will be getting mostly snow with DEC 17th bringing in a bit of ice.

DISSIMULO Not skipping out on any of the snow this time. Rather than see any ice falling from the clouds above, Dissimulo will only get snow throughout the week. Hope you have some warm boots!

SPERO Nearly identical to Discedo except (You guessed it!) MORE SNOW! It will snow all week. Some days lighter than others. On DEC 14th it even stops mid day but it'll start back up again in the evening. Enjoy it before it freezes over!

Tuesday, December 13 - Monday, December 19thCollapse )

November Activity Check End!

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We do have a 3 day grace period. If there's been a mistake or you've been cut and wish to retain your character you may contact a mod either through leaving a comment on this post or: Mod Contact | Concerns & Inquiries | you may also PM coniurati

Winter Event

On Saturday December 10th, you'll find something peculiar on your nearest surface. A little white pill, a bottle of water, and a note:

To guide you in the storm.

Maybe Charon's words are sticking in the back in your mind. Maybe something is coming that someone is trying to prepare you for. Then again, he is a terrible skin-taking monster, so why should you take his words as truth?

You might want to decide soon.

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Due to the DDOS attacks on Livejournal over the course of the past few days, we'll be extending Activity Check 2 days. The Activity Check now ends on 11:59 PM EST December 9th. The dates on the Activity Check post for this month will be changed to reflect this.

The following journals listed have not checked in to the Activity Check post. Please be sure to double check the list!

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Please check in here with your characters. Those who do not check in by 11:59 PM EST December 9th will be removed from the game. As always, questions or concerns may be brought up here.


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November Activity Check!

November Activity Check

This check is for all activity from the month of November. Any posts or threads done between the first of November and the 8th of December can be used for it. The activity check will run from December 1st through December 7th. You have until 11:59 PM EST December 9th to check in with all of your characters. Characters who do not meet AC requirements within the allotted time will be removed from the game.

  • New characters accepted from the most recent acceptance round (November 27th) and after will be exempt from this activity check.

  • You may hiatus through 2 consecutive ACs. After that it is required you pass the next one.

  • In the event you will not be around for an AC you may always give your AC requirements to the modteam ahead of time.

  • A reminder will be posted about the check on December 5th listing characters who have not checked in and are in danger of being removed from the game. The activity check ends on December 9th.

    If there are any questions please feel free to contact a mod. Mod Contact | Concerns & Inquiries | you may also PM coniurati

    Requirements are:
    → at least 2 threads (and no more than 4!) that add up to 20 comments from your character
    → the threads must be located in different journals or logs from one another
    → threads must have the correct number of comments at the time you submit them
    → please DO NOT link to a whole post! link the 1 thread you will be using, as we cannot count multiple threads from one post

    Comment to this post with the form below to check in with each of your characters:

    The Activity Check is now over!


    DISCEDO Don't let that sunshine trick you. Thunderstorms will be plentiful during the later part of this week and next. Temperatures are still cold, so remember to keep bundled up. Don't want to get caught out in that mix of freezing and normal rain next Monday.

    DISSIMULO Will notice less sunshine this week, but no additional rain. On the plus side? Dissimulo will have normal rain on DEC 5th rather than a mix of rain and freezing rain.

    SPERO Did you think you were the only ones getting thunder storms? Guess again! Not only will Spero be getting thunderstorms, but the cold temperatures will freeze some of it as well. Traveling outside will be troublesome for anyone not used to such conditions, but shouldn't make things too difficult.

    Tuesday, November 29th - Monday, December 5thCollapse )


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    DISCEDO Aside from broken cloud cover all well, those in Discedo will getting rain for a couple of days. Thank goodness it's warmed up a little. Doesn't look like there will be any freezing rain this week.

    DISSIMULO Rather than the usual increase of rain in comparison to Discedo, Dissimulo residents and visitors will have equal chances of precipitation, but notice more gusts from the wind throughout the week. Nov 24th will be the strongest, showing winds up to 25mph.

    SPERO There won't be any skipping out on rain this week. Spero will be experiencing thunderstorms on the evening of the 27th.

    Tuesday, November 22nd - Monday, November 28thCollapse )

    Event + Item Rain

    Anyone feeling... hungry?

    Because there's a feastCollapse )

    As usual all questions/concerns/etc can be asked on this post!



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    Fourth wall end!

    The fourth wall event is now over! Backtagging is always welcome but the event has ended.

    Fourth Wall Event!


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    DISCEDO Here comes the rain! Most of it is freezing rain too. Never fear, though. It looks as though it'll clear up by the end of the week. What better time then to stay in and keep warm?

    DISSIMULO Residents will notice the lack of freezing rain. Just a normal rainy week. The sun will attempt to warm things up a little at the end of the week, but who knows if it'll last.

    SPERO Will be feeling that freezing rain for only Nov 18th. Until then it's just normal rain. Mr. Sunshine will be shining over everything at the end of the week, like the other two cities.

    Tuesday, November 15th - Monday, November 21stCollapse )

    October Activity Check End!

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    We do have a 3 day grace period. If there's been a mistake or you've been cut and wish to retain your character you may contact a mod either through leaving a comment on this post or: Mod Contact | Concerns & Inquiries | you may also PM coniurati


    DISCEDO The sun will peek in and out throughout this week's weather. Rain showers move in during the evening of Nov 10th and will carry on throughout Nov 11th. By the 12th, the wind will pick up and carry the rain clouds southward.

    DISSIMULO will notice more rainfall throughout the week. Every other day there seems to be a passing group of clouds that drop rain across the city and head towards the south.

    SPERO will be getting most the sun this week. The Rain will stop by on Nov 11th in the early morning but by mid-day, the sun will be back.

    Monday, November 7th - Monday, November 14thCollapse )