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Poll Reminder!

Just as a reminder the poll on moving closes this Wednesday at 12:01 am. If you still haven't voted, but want to it can be found here. If you did vote and wish to change your answer(s) you can do so here.

Also just to clear up some confusion, this is NOT a mandatory poll. You do not have to fill out all sections or even fill it out at all. If you don't wish to vote or have no preference on a particular section you're more than free to leave it empty or not submit anything at all. For anyone who can't vote on LJ they can again also give us their vote via email (discedomods@gmail.com), PM Coniurati on Dreamwidth or if there is no other way you can get ahold of us on AIM (bebothedragon [Jenna], shemurai [Ashley], iamcubemun [Maresuke], voidsutra [Cat]).